Top Free and Paid Traffic Sources. Time Vs. Money

Free Traffic Sources

Get traffic to your website in 2019

I don’t even know if I’m going to name 10 traffic sources. I actually just take the title because I want to rank the post for the title. Wanted to add numbers to increase my Click Through Rate(CTR), So, that’s already the first kind of lesson you get today. That’s how you do it you got to rank your articles.

I  think  I will probably gather around 7 or 8 or even  10 free traffic sources that you can use in order to get traffic and by the way I noticed that there are some guys bash free traffic sources. They actually say things like if you don’t know how to run ads on Google Adwords or Facebook. If you don’t have a paid advertising strategy yet, they visually say things like get a real life, job and make money there and which is complete bullshit because I don’t know anyone in the online marketing industry who just started out by starting with paid advertising methods. All the people I met online or offline, who make six figures or even millions of dollars they started retreat free traffic like SEO or any other kind of stuff.

First Source

So,  first method I want to show you is in my opinion probably the best way to generate free traffic for your site almost instantly is YouTube SEO.

That is  something different than Google SEO. Google takes a shitload of time if you have a new website and also depending on your competition competition of the keyword and stuff it really takes a long time to rank your site for a specific keyword.

YouTube SEO can be free, you can create a bunch of videos and rank them for low competition keywords. for example you use launch jacking and stuff ranking for keywords for products that haven’t even been released yet and being an affiliate. We call that stuff YouTube speed ranking and we do it every single day guys.

top free traffic sources
top free traffic sources

Second Free Source

the second thing in my mind where you can drive traffic really fast depending a little bit on your niche though but it’s Twitter.

Twitter still has awesome functions like you can actually search for specific keywords or hashtags and stuff and then you can get in touch live and life time with people actually tweeted about this.  let’s say you have offered consulting or you offer a fitness product. Search for someone who asked a question about this topic then you reply to people. You literally have to go out there and reply to hundreds of people every single day

There is nothing really like actual free traffic because we have to trade your time


free vs paid traffic
free vs paid traffic

Third Source

The third way of my list is Facebook group posting.  You simply go to Facebook groups who are in your niche related Facebook groups. Join them then don’t want to spam like all the other idiots are doing it. Go in there to provide massive value.  Join 10 groups, you go in these 10 groups everysingle day you see if someone has a question or something and you go in thereand you just answer the question. Then you can sometimes put your own link toyour site in there.

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Fourth Source

Next is Instagram

is kind of like the same thing as Twitter, just Instagram is way harder right now. The chances that you make money using Instagram are way higher.  you go to in your niche, follow targeted people, engage with them.

Let’s say you follow 300 people a day, 10% follow back or check out your profile check out your link in your bio and stuff and you already have 100 people a day who check out your stuff. No money paid nothing, no paid advertising nothing want her percent for free.

Fifth Source

Instagram thyroid messaging is another method

You can easily go out there and really get in touch with asmany people as possible every single day and go Instagram direct method engagewith people and then just link them to your site after conversation has ended.  You can’t post an actual link but you can sayclick a link in my bio if you want to learn more.

Okay,  so we have five methods already

Next,  figment on Reddit

You  need an older Reddit account thats some karma and some ratings and things. Hire a guy who has the account to post for you in related subreddit. You just post there and then you buy some upvotes, build up your post and that’s how you get traffic. I know people get down to preserves every single day just by doing that.

Seventh Free Source

Seventh one is forums

whatever niche you’re in there’s always a forum aroundit.

If you’re in the fitness niche asa fitness forum. if you’re a photographerthere’s a photography photography forum tons of them depending on the

You just want to make an account there and want to provide as much value as possible in most forums they have a signature space right so where you can put your own links in the signatures. Forums writing it’s great, the results are awesome.

We will talk about giant free traffic sources like Pinterest, Quora on Traffic Sources part 2

Paid Traffic Sources

We will talk industry leading paid traffic sources like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Bing ads, Outbrain in Traffic Sources part 2 or may be part 3.

Here in this post lets talk about some untapped yet effective paid traffic sources

The First traffic source is actually a free source that you can sign up for but you have to purchase solo add-on package.

It is udimi solo ads

review on Udimi from a user
review on Udimi

 It’s  free to sign up and  you go and look for solo ad deals.They sell them by per click and things of that nature. So, if your budget is$50  you can go and look at different solo ad vendors and the higher per click will cost more but we will get better results.It’s another way to start building your list.

Get $5 discount registering Udimi with this link

Udimi - Buy Solo Ads

My number two traffic source is FutureAdPro

is a revenue sharing traffic exchange that I’ve been
watching for about seven months now. I signed up for free I’ve been watching some of the leaders that just recently went in there.

You can buy a credit pack on which will put your information
in front of buyers people that’s looking for something to generate money online. It’s great for affiliate offers on MLM, proper health things like that.  I’m being very transparent to show you. If you need more  information about future ad pro please click on a link.

Our Third traffic source

that I love to use is LeasedAdSpace

It is actually a solo ad that you could get for a limited amount of time to the end or duration of this program no matter how big this database grows.  For $9.97 one time you’ll receive a 8000 banner ad impressions 4,000 impressions for your text ads and one solo ad every 28 days. As the database grows your reach grows! it’s a great way to promote your offers. The database is still growing. Once we reset it it was 1200 now it was on 1700 members in our reach.  So, my suggestion to you is to if you’re looking
to get started with soloads this is a great beginners course.

Next one

here that I would use is called MLM traffic center. Traffic is 95% tier 1 tier countries USA, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand. Basically English speaking countries with the most buying power. That’s what you, your Tier 1 to be as high as possible anything above 85%. The prices here 63 cents per 100 clicks. The more you buy obviously the less is going to cost per click. These are really good prices it’s really good traffic.



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  1. Is this still working in 2020? Or is there another best strategy except this? YouTube is the best way for “me” but not really good in creating a video on my own.

    1. Yes, still working in 2020! will update new traffic sources in other blogposts soon. Thanks

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