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m1So the battle to acquire more smartphones and tablets goes on. It is unbelievable when we say that 55% of Americans own smartphones, and this is statistics that was unleashed in January 2014. Furthermore, 42% of these adults own tablets, and the number keeps increasing. This is in line with a 2014 report on mobile usage that was carried out by firms such as Pew Research Center and IDC.


What's more, mobile users now prefer taking advantage of internet apps as they offer a richer browsing experience compared to what they were getting from PC browsing, thanks to the sophisticated technology in these devices, as well as high speed 4G networks across America. The future seems bright in the mobile communication sector because no matter what happens, mobile marketing seems to overtake PC marketing.


But what does this mean to marketers across the world?m2
With the stats above, it's very likely that marketers who haven't adopted mobile versions of their existing websites will lose. This segment of the market is increasing every day as smartphones, tablets and apps come into the market. It's a fact that more people prefer browsing the web using their smart devices compared to using PCs.



Why have a mobile compatible website as a marketer?

There are several reasons why you should have a mobile version of your website. If customers can access your site more easily and remotely, then they can see what you are offering, and this will definitely increase your sales.


m6Unlike the desktop version of your site, a mobile version(when created properly) will load faster, appeal to the eye, and feel responsive when clicking around. This is why marketers who want to remain competitive have mobile versions of their original website to take care of the mobile segment of the market(which is currently the largest). So, do you have a mobile website to support your business by making sure that it is exposed to this large market share?


At Ample Online Media, we've been keen on statistics about mobile browsing. We know what customers love, which is why we will always create fast loading, very attractive and responsive mobile websites for your clients to enjoy. We believe this is the only way to bring information to the client's doorstep.


Web hosting and domain

m5Nothing beats the magic of combining a professional mobile web design with a search-engine friendly domain, hosted using one of our most competitive hosting packages. We thoroughly research on domain names to give you only the best in terms of SEO requirements. When we handle your websites needs, be sure to rank high in the search engines because tasks are only done by our experienced and certified SEO experts, no guess work.

Choose from a number of hosting packages we offer to customers at competitive rates. Here, we have something for everyone no matter their budget. We guarantee you 99.9% uptime in all your sites so that you don't lose on the massive traffic that comes from mobile devices.


Custom app development design and promotion

m4We are among the best when it comes to creating custom designed apps for both iOS and Android devices. You see, a large portion of the market now uses Android on their smartphones and tablets, so they need apps that are customized to do what they want. As a serious marketer, you want a customized app that represents you and what you do. You want a custom design that responds well to the needs of those you're targeting. Apparently, this is what Ample Online Media is good at.

When it comes to promotion, leave it to us because we are the gurus in social media marketing. Today, everybody is on Facebook, Twitter and many other social media sites. Coincidentally, reports also suggest very strong correlations between smartphone/tablet and social media site usage. When you combine these elements together, you get a very strong, reliable and loyal customer base. 

Because of our vast experience in promotions, we guarantee increased engagement as well as app downloads. This is purely profit for you. So leave promotions to us.


Custom branded QR Code Design, mobile friendly Landing Page Development:

m3These days, marketers use QR codes to relay information to their customers. Distinguish yourself with customized QR codes for your customers to notice you. Then combine that with eye-catching, effective mobile friendly landing pages and you'll see the difference. Not everybody knows how to create effective landing pages to woo customers, which is why you should trust us with these needs.

Finally, we want to assure you that all mobile sites are created after thorough research on keywords used in the mobile segment of the market. Our aim is to rank you high in the shortest period of time. This is actually something we've achieved for other customers in the past, so trust Ample Online Media to give the best.


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