Top SEO Softwares with Free Trials

After the “Top Online Marketing Tools Offering Free Trials” post we decide to put together the Top SEO Softwares with Free Trials.

Top SEO Research Tools

Almost all of these are all-in-one SEO tools like keyword research, domain, backlink, competitors research and many more.


If you run multiple websites and multiple social pages- this is absolutely the tool you need to invest in. ROI is completely possible from this tool if you dedicate enough time/effort to using it to the fullest. The SEO tools alone have proven awesome for us and the social poster tool is just the most convenient time-saver.

All of the SEO (site audits, keyword analyses, DEEP COMPETITOR ANALYSES) and social tools don’t just make my job easier- they make me better

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SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an affordable software that has all the necessary SEO tools. They are all inside the same platform so users do not have to buy separate tools. They also offer a free trial, which in fact, a good chance to try them out before subscribing.

They have their own keyword suggestion tool which has a quite big database. Their Keyword Position Tracking Tool is accurate and they regularly send updates to my email. Lastly, their pricing is competitive and they are one of the cheapest in the market today.

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Serpstat is an affordable all-in-one SEO platform. Keyword research is the main strength of this tool. It shows the keyword search volume, trends, and competitors ranking. It also allows to track keywords and they will send regular email updates about your rankings. Their backlink analysis tool is quite powerful as well. It’s so easy to find the referring domains of the competitors that we can also use on our sites.

They also have a Serpstat SEO & Website Analysis Plugin to quickly view the SEO data of any website. Their pricing is solid. Even starters can afford it.

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RankActive works on a project-basis where you can choose up to 5 sources of data to monitor the same keywords – where a source of data is Google Desktop for 1 country or Google Mobile for another country. We like the most the reporting feature which allows us to have day-by-day updates on rank changes.

On top of using Google Analytics on all of my websites, rankactive provides another level of information that is incredibly useful when it comes to maintaining the productivity of sites. The Site Auditor has helped to identify some underlying issues that went unseen for quite a while.

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Searchmetrics is one of the most complete tools within SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and among its virtues, we find: 1) It offers insights for many countries separately and is always updating new locations. 2) It covers all the spectrum of features that are analyzed within SEO (technical aspects, linkbuilding, content, research) 3) The support is very good and constant, with distance training

Nice reporting easy to compare sites side-by-side shows historic data allowing you to get a snapshot of a website’s performance over time. Reports are also available with lots of useful metrics to monitor progress and spot new opportunities. There are lots of other features in the tool with more insights into keywords, backlinks, social and content, but access to these depends on your account level.

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Top Keyword Research Tools

Sometimes only keyword research is enough for ranking. Low competition long-tail keywords can do the trick for you


KWFinder earns its reputation as one of the best SEO tools out there for doing long-tail keyword research that can identify targeted results where you can carve out a valuable page ranking for the long haul. The querying process, related keyword identification, SERP mapping, and quick keyword management features leave nothing to be desired whether you’re an SEO expert or just a typical sales or marketing user.


Wordtracker is a keyword tool that helps improve rankings and attract high levels of targeted visitors. When you search for a term, you get a list of keywords right off the bat. It gives you helpful data such as Volume, which is the number of times that KW is search in a 12 month period, competition and IAAT (In Anchor and Title). You can choose to view in a specific Territory and State.


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Content Creator

Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter 10 is that the updated version of the old content spinning tool Rotate Rewriter. If you’re belonging from a content writing and also Search Engine Optimization history then you’ll definitely understand the Spin rewriter device since then it is the no1 material spinning device.

The best things about this device are it produces top-notch content, human pleasant and also totally all-natural, you can not all set to separate it’s written by device or an individual’s. It creates Material that will quickly pass Copyscape and never ever penalize by Google for quality.

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  2. Hi Fahim! Your blog and your youtube channel is awesome. I am a blogger gets many help from your youtube channel. Its awesome. keep it up.

  3. I tried the SEMRush free trial offer but now when the trial period is finished, the website keeps asking me to upgrade but I am still looking for other free trial options. I am doing SEO on a budget so these free trial offers are like lifeline for me. Thanks for sharing this list.

  4. Bro Your Youtube Channel Rocks. I love your videos and like them very much. Can you put light how good is Ahref SEO Tool?

  5. Hello there! Just found your Youtube Channel and the ammount of knowledge is awesome! Also i would like to mention ubbersuggest as free seo research tool : – ) worth checking it out! Thank you and have a nice day everyone !

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