How to Change Facebook Page Name Before 200 Likes

Social Media sites are too popular these days. Everybody loves to spend their free or busy time over Social Media like Facebook. Even I think upto 70% of Internet users start internet by opening Facebook first. Updating Status, Commenting on different friend Posts and playing online games are in routine now. Inside Facebook there is option to make Page or Group. Sometimes we need to change facebook page name after setting one. So today we will see how to change the facebook page name before 200 likes.

Change Facebook Page Name Before 200 Likes

 1- Login to your facebook account and Enter inside the Page Setting. Click on “Edit Page” then “Update Page Info” as shown in picture down.

2- Now Click on “Edit” opposite to the name of page.


3- Write your desired name inside “Name” field text box and then Click on “Save Changes“.


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