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Join Quora partner program to earn a good living​

The Quora partners participating in the Quora partner program are paid for asking useful and good questions. Many people are looking to find answers to these questions and you can request answers from related qualified writers. By using this partner program various partners are empowered to ask several useful questions to the Quora website and the Quora writers are well-equipped to write answers to these questions which several people are looking to get answers to. Any person that uses Quora can be requested to join this program.

Languages and countries

If you are not aware, Quora exists in several languages. The Quora partner program was developed for all these languages and their respective countries. The program is available in these languages,

· English
· Italian
· Japanese
· German
· French
· Spanish
· Hindi

Another big challenge while adding more languages for the Quora partners is that the company has to be able to pay the partners legally in various countries. It means they can support only a certain number of countries at the moment. You will get paid if you reside in these countries,

· US
· UK
· Australia
· Japan
· Canada
· Germany
· France
· Spain
· India
· Italy

At the moment if a person in the partner program is a partner in one of the languages he will be a partner in other languages as well. Therefore in case you are multi-lingual, you may want to consider joining additional communities and support them by using your queries. The company is also considering investing in making the task of asking questions easier in several languages at the same time. The program is also launching in more languages and countries.

How do you join the Quora partnership program?

Quora partner program is a system in which people get micropayments for their questions. The program is designed to initiate a constant creation of newer and interesting questions. However, this leads to the creation of many duplicates and trivial questions as people are trying to game the system to make a fast buck.

You can join the program by invitation only. The criteria used by Quora for the selection of the partners to participate in the program are opaque. You are not allowed to know these criteria. In addition to this, you can only participate in the program if you reside in certain countries where there are payments that are possible for Quora.

All you have to do to join the program is to accept the invitation. What you need to do is think of asking some good questions to ask every day and then post them. Don’t worry about the payments. In the beginning, your queries might not earn anything or will earn just a few cents, however, over some time if your queries are of general interest to the large internet population and the answers to these questions might attract viewing, you will find that the earnings will accumulate.

Get an invitation here

Being a part of the Quora Partner Program

Here is what is involved in being a Quora partner.

1. Asking questions

When the Quora partners add questions to Quora, many times the same question will be added by others as well. If there are more people out there who wish for answers to these questions added by you the more you will earn. The answers to these questions have to be satisfactory for them to be successful.

2. Help the questions to get answers

The Quora partners can ask for answers to various questions from the different qualified writers on Quora. If these requests produce good answers the partner will earn money. All these people will help Quora become useful to others.

3. Payment

The Quora partners will be paid as their queries and requests develop helpful answers which others find either on the Quora website or elsewhere on the net.

Remember, good and useful answers that are helpful to others depend on well-crafted questions and requests. Due to this reason, the Quora partners are helping all the Quora users and millions of people around the world find the necessary information and add to their knowledge.

Applications that are submitted for the program are reviewed daily. The applicants that have asked useful questions earlier on Quora are more likely to gain acceptance. You can read the FAQs that are available on the Quora website for learning more about the program.

Do’s and Donts

You need to be patient with the Quora partnership program after becoming a member. Your questions can earn money up to one year from the date they are posted. There is a need to post many useful questions though to earn big money and most of us will struggle to do so. It is tedious to think of new good questions and sending the 25 A2As for all these questions.

However, there is no need to worry too much if you cannot ask too many questions. It is the appeal for the question and its answer that holds more significance for getting the advertisers. The number of questions you can ask is of lesser significance as more questions might not earn anything. Many times with some luck some queries might go viral and attract many advertisements and this will ensure that you earn good money from it.

When you have decided to start you can learn as you go along. You can read the FAQs and other guidelines placed by Quora on their site regarding this topic here 

Quora Partner Program FAQ

Click on your profile, go to “Partners” and then click on “About the program” for more detailed information. However, you must utilize this program constructively and not spam the forums with meaningless or repetitive questions in the quest for money as some people are doing. You may get reported for this and subsequently, the invitation is withdrawn.


The question on everyone’s mind will be, how to make money by using the Quora partner program? The easiest way of doing it is by becoming a Quora partner. But you need to ask proper questions. Far too many people are misusing the program by spamming. The idea should be to show people about your curiosity and knowledge so that they can hire you.

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