Easy to rank keyword research, SEO audit, on-page settings

Competitors keyword, backlinks analysis, SEO action plan

SEO audit, keyword research service

Professional keyword research service, SEO audit, competitors research, content optimization.

Are you spending money & time on SEO top positions and buying backlinks without any knowledge of your site’s current SEO status, your best possible keywords, on-page settings status or what competitors were doing and getting success to stay ahead of you. Then you are doing this all wrong. We have seen people buying thousands of backlinks from various sources, purchase top position guaranteed services which You’ll probably penalize your site by doing so.
What are we planning to help you with this

First, will do Keyword analysis, your competitors keyword analysis, backlinks and find your niche targeted easy to rank effective keywords

then will do a complete SEO audit of your site, find out the issues with it to become SEO friendly

3rd, Write/create optimized content according to the keywords we found. Will do your site on-page settings according to the SEO audit report and the keywords we target

4th, we will have another SEO audit to check the site status after all the setting, keywords search ranking positions, work if there anything needs improvement.

5th, send you the reports with further SEO action plans.

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You can not rank  without finding out proper keywords & without knowing your site’s SEO status

Why should you care about keywords? Because they are the key to directing new and recurring visitors to your website.

We perform keyword research on specific terms that match the language of your audience and your website. We’ll connect potential visitors to your site by finding the easy to rank keywords your website needs to match popular search queries. Targeting the wrong keywords or Bad Key Words will cost your business time and money

You will receive a detailed PDF containing the search terms and competition data in easy to understand format, each column will list the keyword, searches per month, cost per click, the competition data for the top ten for each keyword and a breakdown of each position in the top ten so you can see the competition strength and clear explanation of the best and most profitable to use,
We will also include a spreadsheet so you can edit and plan your online campaign.

Our SEO Audit:

A Professional Web Presence Audit is the best way to get started. You will receive detailed, accurate information on all the ranking factors of your site as well as an immediately actionable Step-by-Step Plan to increase rankings and grow traffic. (Silver & Gold Packages)

Your Audit Silver or Gold Audit Will Include:

✔ Market Analysis

Your Current Rankings
Current Potential Search Volume
Approximate Value of Potential Traffic

✔ Competitive Analysis

› On-page Heath

Optimization Summary
Meta-Issues (titles & Descriptions)
Code & Technical Issues
Analysis of Images
Mobile Optimization
Broken Links
Site Speed

› Off-Page Metrics

Authority of your Domain
Authority of your Homepage
Backlink Profile
The effectiveness of Sites Linking Back To Yours
Social Signals
Spam Signals

✔ Competitor Analysis & Comparison

Referring Sites
Opportunities to Gain More Backlinks