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Niche targeted blogpost ranking service

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Hello, we were planning this for our own site and thought why not sell this as a service to those who want to publish quality content, get some backlink from good sources, get organic traffic, and build authority.

So, here is what we planned:

1. First keyword research: we will find out niche-targeted low competitive keywords. Keywords with at least 250 monthly searches. We saw in many cases if we can rank targeting a 250 searches per month long-tail keyword, we can also rank with similar LSI keywords that we did not target.

2. Our native English writer will prepare a keyword-optimized high-quality article. Will publish that in your blog with SEO optimized content and do all necessary on-page optimization.

3. Will interlink with one or more category pages(maybe a sales page). It will increase the chances of page navigation, sale, and reduce bounce rate and exit rate.

4. Will share that post social pages with images.

5. Wait for a few days, monitor the Search Engine Ranking Position(SERP), build quality backlinks if necessary

6. Get ranking, start getting clicks that mean traffic!

blogpost ranking service

So, the whole process will cost you only $80.

you need to provide your niche, possible keywords, URL

Our skype: ampleom